Dr. Patrick Wollner

I am passionate about technology and its impact on humans. I research, design and build human-centred products. I am driven by applying systems thinking to human-machine interaction.

As co-founder of bambus.io, I created a one-stop solution for real estate owners to diversify without having to sell their property. Previously, I was a postgraduate researcher at the University of Cambridge Engineering Design Centre and completed a PhD in Engineering Design at the University of Cambridge. I led the development of The Mephistophone, an Arts Council funded digital instrument which premiered at the Royal Opera House in 2014. Concurrently, I co-founded CUSPE, a platform that aims to build evidence-based synergies between academic institutions and policymakers.

My interests revolve around the creation of innovative and human-centred digital products and services. I have authored pieces in a range of fields, including information engineering, design, public health, and computer science.


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